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CANNAINVESTOR Magazine is a monthly subscription based digital magazine with an exclusive focus on Cannabis finance that delivers convenient insights on publicly-traded and privately-held cannabis companies through informative articles, company profiles, and market trends that inform and educate investors;attracting inquisitive, highly engaged digital audiences around the globe.

Cannabis Investor Online Magazine Canada Offers Informative Articles on Cannabis Stocks

When planning to make investments in stocks, it is wise to research and spend some time acquiring information about the niche in which you would like to invest in. Cannabis Investor Online Magazine Canada is one of the best sources from where reliable and accurate information on cannabis stocks can be collected. Take time out and read the well-researched articles published in the Marijuana Stock Online Magazine Canada and make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase stock in a specific cannabis company.

The Marijuana Investor Online Magazine Canada lists the top 25 companies that trade in the cannabis sector. It also gives a detailed technical analysis of cannabis stocks. The Cannabis Investor Online Magazine Canada will give investors more confidence in their investment decisions.

The Investment Cannabis Online Magazine Canada offers in-depth information and data about cannabis stocks. You can easily subscribe to our magazine and monthly digital copies are delivered to our readers via email. This one-time free subscription in the Cannabis Investor Online Magazine Canada features different cannabis companies every month and can save readers time and money versus researching 300 cannabis companies individually.

The cannabis industry is the #1 emerging market in the world! Success in the cannabis stock market depends on information, research, data, and a long-term investment strategy. Confidence in your investment decisions only grows when you receive reliable and trusted information. Let the Cannabis Investor Online Magazine Canada be that reliable and trusted source.

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Information Is The Best Tool

Every month we bring you industry leading content. When stocks promoted by paid promoters go south we see on social media what happens as the threats and insults escalate – worse when it is stealth promoters and boiler rooms that do not disclose that they have been specifically contracted to promote a company. More and more are realizing that our model leads the industry and for good reason. It is a model based on awareness, education, and near pinpoint accuracy on our projections. When Forbes wrote companies would never see a listing on an American national exchange so long as Cannabis was a Schedule 1 drug – we rebutted. Less than two years later you know who was right. Remember, you may make good coin following the paid promoters. But we are not here running campaigns that move share prices. We are here for you and for the industry as a whole – service over self interest.

The Alkaline Water Company Q&A

Cannabis Investor Magazine

First of all – thank you so much for your time today … I know how busy you both are plus of course … it is that time of the year. Our subscribers (and we are well over 85,000 now and growing) appreciate this because they have come to rely on us for in-depth Q&A’s and particularly with companies that I sometimes refer to as the “buried treasure” within the industry. Let me also start off by saying congratulations on your recently record revenue and growth.

Richard Wright, CEO

Thank you for your interest in our company. With our recent up-listing to NASDAQ and continued record growth it truly is an exciting time for both myself and our team at The Alkaline Water Company Inc.

Aaron Keay, Director and Chairman

Thanks Louis, look forward to the Q&A as we enjoy the opportunity to give the investment community insights into our company during such a transformational time in this industry.

7 Things I am Expecting In 2019

Days before Christmas, Aleafia Health Inc. and Emblem Corp. announced that Aleafia would be acquiring Emblem in an all stock deal worth $173 million. As the industry continues to mature, expect more consolidation amongst LPs, for a variety of reasons, in 2019.

Despite Health Canada’s efforts to ramp up licensing of cultivators prior to legalization, supply vastly outstripped demand once the clock struck midnight on October 17, 2018. In response, Alberta announced a freeze on the granting of retail sales licenses and Ontario went from permitting unlimited licenses come the Spring of 2019 to handing out only 25 province wide to start. Expect supply to catch up in 2019 as even more cultivators come online, along with the addition of micro-cultivators and a supply boost from existing cultivators who either bring additional square footage online, or simply become more efficient and experienced at growing.